Program Flyer: Two Voices Poetry, Speaking of Math, and Literacy

Program Rating/ Rated exceptional by educators. Recommended by 100% of participating educators that completed an evaluation based on 1 evaluation(s).


Target Audience/ Education: Kindergarten, Grade(s): 1, 2, 3, 4
Maximum Number of Participants 25
Minimum Number of Participants 2

Primary Disciplines Character Education, Language Arts/English, Literacy, Problem Solving, Reading, Special Education, Writing
Secondary Disciplines Gifted & Talented, Mathematics, Performing Arts, Standards

Program Description/ Three beans in a Trolls nose, Lorikeet Landings, Moldy Muffins are just a few of the poems in two voices you class will read as a group, in pairs, or with comedian/author Brad Tassell as he takes the entire class on a fun ride into vocabulary, reading out-loud, creativity, math skills, and fun. For those in grades 2-4 this is a wonderful poetry reading exercise, for those in K-1 this can help build addition skills. The program also comes with 15 copies of the book for free, a $180 value.

Students will also learn how to listen and respond when reading out loud together.
Program Format
1. Welcome and explanation of how poems are read by color code.
2. Read the first poem as a group.
3. chose a second poem for two students to read as others do actions.
4. Use manipulative with a poem as students read in pairs.
5. Repeat different reading activities.
6. Close with prize poem.
Objectives develop partner and group reading skills
engage in literacy learning
explore the creative nature of poetry
enjoy the art of reading and literacy
gain a new understanding of math concepts

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This program via video conference will engage every student and increase literacy for grades 2-4. And with use of manipulative help k-1 understand addition faster. If you are ready to book this program click to be taken to the website. If you do not have an account it is free, and then you can search thousands of programs. Search Brad Tassell first and request this or one of my other award winning programs. If you have any problems or questions please contact me immediately at or call my cell: 812-660-0191 

The Common Core Standards addressed in this book focus on Number and Operation in Base Ten, the cornerstone of k-6 mathematics.

For early math fluency these stories can be read with younger grades to add great fun to their math learning. The joy can be doubled with the added use of manipulatives. 

For older students the reading level makes for great fun in learning to read out loud and with a partner, because the poems are designed to be of a higher reading level, but also for maximum fun! The will elicit giggles and laughter as kids will ask to read them again and again!

Buy the book here, but remember if you video conference with Brad you get 15 copies free! click here and scroll down to program.

Speaking of math was designed out of a love for reading and watching our daughter grow up want to play with books more than any other toy. Realizing this, we readily began seeking out different formats to engage her growth in different aspects of reading skills. We wanted her to be a fluent reader and enjoy rich vocabulary. We found that she loved the format of partner reading in two voices. We wanted her to develop the same love for mathematics. 
Hence, our stories were born!

 "My children (6&7 1/2) both enjoy reading
 this book & each have their "favorite"
 numbers they want us to read with them.
 Every number has a poem that is entertaining for boys and girls. This is a book both of my kiddos can agree on! Five plus stars from me because even as we are laughing, we are learning some math facts *bonus!!* We love the book in our home!" Justin Prather, 5 star amazon review.

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"They are sitting in class eating up your books right now!  Thank you again for offering a program that promotes literacy in a very upbeat and engaging way!​" Kristi Uria, Homedale elementary

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