Fluency Poems for Partners:Addition

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It's an election year, where we will chose a new president of the United States. Learn all about the process, electorial college, and much more with these fun and useful programs.

Spooky PRogram

Grades 1-4

Speaking of math was designed out of a love for reading and watching our daughter grow up want to play with books more than any other toy.

Distance Learning with Brad Tassell

could you Be president?

Brad Tassell takes a whole-child approach to elementary education. And with this spooky Halloween time program your students will have an amazing time and learn literacy, theater, paying attention. With games and reading strategies that engage and entertain, this award winning program is a school favorite.

Speaking of Math


Don't Feed the Bully is perfect for any school!

a classroom master
Books, Literacy, Poems math programs grades k-6

presidential poems